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Alright, so I have recently read ten thousand blog posts about this time of the year: autumn- time to say goodbye to light and airy dresses blah blah blah and embrace the cold season and the afferent clothing codes. I call crap! Of course I, myself, cannot wait to dive into the cozy knitwear this season brings with it (speaking of which, I invite you to check out the post below, which happens to be about one of the loveliest cardigans of all times, found in a flea market), but I am not entirely ready to make this change yet. And that’s not because I am a huge fan of skirts (I am definitely not, I barely wear them), but because I find the “long uni-color shirt” + “colorful skirt” a killer combination! What’s more, the long socks do the trick as they help me avoid freezing to death and the sneakers (always by my side) contribute to the effortless, comfortable look I am very much fond of! So yeah, bowing to autumn? Not just yet!

Wearing: Weekday Shirt, Zara Skirt, H&M Socks, Vans Backpack, Asics Sneakers


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