Furry Nails

ok, so normally I wouldn’t do this, but right now I just have to. After bitching about the furry nails with one of my friends for hours last night, I decided to create the first “hate” post, the one that set the tone and inspired me to consider creating a special category for such special occasions.

How did it all start? As I was chilling in my bed scrolling down on Facebook ( even if I am seriously thinking of deleting my account and dedicate my life to Instagram – and no, this is not an advertising campaign), I ran into a post that said “Furry Nails is the Hairiest Trend Right Now”. Ok, so what does this mean exactly ? The hairiest trend.. Were they trying to be extremely polite ? Were they speechless so the only thing they could do was to repeat the word twice and let the audience decide? Either way, I HAD to click on the link. It was way too intriguing. But see, sometimes it might be harmful to be as curious as I am. What you see can’t be unseen.

… and what I saw is something I will never forget. ever. mark my words.


Seriously. My brain automatically started to think of excuses people can actually use for not shaking these girls’ hands while introducing themselves. I instantly fell the thickly sensation inside my palm so I had to close my eyes and breathe normally until I calmed down.

Moreover, I have a set of questions that I would like you to answer for me:

  1. What happens if you order something with sauce?
  2. How do you wipe your bum after peeing?
  3. If you own a cat, how will you ever be able to gesticulate without being attacked?


But it in the end who am I to criticise “art”. Maybe they’re not meant (at all) for being “worn” at the supermarket, but they might actually look better places in a contemporary art museum, or why not even on the catwalk (See Libertine Fall/Winter 2016).  Until then, just stay away from them. They might attack you.


[photos: BoredPanda]



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