Alexander McQueen: A collection about being a woman


The fall collection that was just presented in London was more than an absolute delight for the eye. The boundaries between reality and dreams were so sweetly destroyed during the show, as the time lost its essence and the public was involuntarily charmed. The designer brilliantly made use of such elements that creating nothing less than a “piece of art” seemed to be “piece of cake” in the end. And that we all know it is not even close to be true, as tailoring consists the base of the fashion house. A vision from an Erté drawing, as Sarah Mower,’s Chief Critic would put it, is probably the most correct way to describe the new Alexander McQueen Collection.

Throughout the show, the lucky audience could observe hand-painted with flowers along with feminine and delicate symbols such as butterflies, lips and watches. The perfect setting for a fairytale to take place. (Who in this world doesn’t think of Alice and Wonderland when seeing a watch, honestly? Oh, and the moon, what a beautiful way to suggest an idyll). Together with the lacy bras and the uncovered shoulders, the collection was basically an imagination of modernity and feminism. What’s more, when talking about femininity, materials such as satin couldn’t be missed from the catwalk, as well as embroidery, one of the most important highlights of the show. (which was somehow predictable, since fashion at the moment went back to its roots embracing opulence, heritage and tradition in the purest possible sense.)

The colour palette ranged from black to dusty pink, creating a collection that could be considered a legit lesson about being a woman in the true sense of the word. The romantic mood that Sarah managed to create set new standards of elegance, as the ruffles, the transparency, the shades of pearl and silver, plus all the romantic, bohemian elements appeared as if they just came out of the most legendary myth that has ever existed.

Here’s a short preview of the most flamboyant looks of the collection:

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