Jacquemus: where poetry meets geometry

“I would like there to be less industry and more poetry” is the statement that Simon Porte Jacquemus, the self-taught young designer made just a while back.

The 26 years old son of French sunshine and sea, didn’t quite make as much poetry as he created geometry. Nevertheless, he managed to create an impression. He might not have provoked drastic reactions from the audience, as he didn’t follow the contemporary trends nowadays (and by that I mean addressing any political, social or economical issue in particular) but he sure impressed the public in one way or another. So size does matter sometimes, doesn’t it?

Giant shoulders, ruffles, experimental geometric cutouts, placed among the über-chic coats with wide belts, illusions of floating clothes and broad-shoulder ribbed turtlenecks were just some of the looks that Jacquemus projected.

And yes, we might observe similarities to Vetements, J.W.Anderson or even Céline, but let’s not kid ourselvesd, who didn’t “find inspiration” in other designers’ work this season? Isn’t Gucci still the biggest “trend” at the moment?

Anyhow, I loved the collection and I respect the young Frenchie for the bold style and the courage to break the boring boundaries a little bit, we kinda needed that, after seeing a “what other might call” pattern on most of the catwalks. Definitely one of my favourite in terms of aesthetics. Here are my fave looks:

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